Custom Hand Lettering Benefits

Hand crafted custom lettering by Starr Studios in Denton, TX.  Absolutely beautiful!
Hand crafted custom lettering by Starr Studios in Denton, TX. Absolutely beautiful!


Many years ago, before the digital age, finding unique and beautiful font styles was very difficult.  If you wanted to have a unique looking font you had to create unique hand lettered fonts on your own or hire a professional artist.  Now many designers create beautiful lettering and sell, or give, them in mass for the general public to use, in order to increase their exposure.  This is how some designers believe they can build a following in order to demand higher price.  The benefit of this, for the users, are a broader range of type styles to choose from when creating new designs.  However, the original use of beautiful lettering has always been to draw attention to the craftsmanship while having a unique look all it’s own.  This is sort of a contradiction when you offer these specialty font styles up for mass use.  For a client I imagine there is no greater disappointment than when you come across another companies ad that has your same letter style or stock imagery.  This makes you feel like your designer is using a “cookie cutter” design template or pre made designs in order to turn and burn your marketing materials.  Everyone wants to believe that their marketing is unique and original to their product.  That is why they spend money on hiring a professional.

The benefit of using a designer / illustrator who can produce custom hand lettering is that you always get a unique product, different from anyone else’s.  Hand crafted and original, these true works of art can produce a buzz about your product without trying.  A simple message is heard loud and clear simply because your potential customers can’t take their eyes off of it.  Complex and beautiful, most people appreciate the intricacy and pain staking attention to detail needed to create such things.  These skills take years to develop and decades to master.  But, the end product is worth the money.  As a customer you get exactly what you want with a special personalized touch that purchased or specialty font styles just can’t give.  You may find a font that is close to what you want.  Or, “gets the job done”.  But nothing compares to the traditional art flare that comes with custom hand lettering.

We live in a fast paced, mass production, world and anytime you show customers what can be achieved by slowing down and focussing.  It is a refreshing break from the norm and people generally take notice.  Everyone can appreciate what goes into hand craftsmanship.  In a digital world where computers and machines do most of the work for us, it gives people a sense of pride to see what good old human creativity can persistence can achieve.  Here is a link to a great short video on the art of traditional sign painting.  A special thank you goes out to Starr Studios and Nathaniel Day for bringing us this great homage to the great artists of long ago (50 years).

Watch this short video “Keepers of the Craft”