How Much To Charge For Design Work?

A common problem for graphic designers, who are just starting out, is what to charge for your work.  Too often there is no real set rule on what to charge.  Do I charge per hour or a flat rate?  Am I charging too much?  Am I charging too little?  These are just some of the questions that budding designers have and the answers really rely on the project at hand and the skill level of the designer.  If you are a young designer just starting out you might not have any over head and can afford to charge less for your services.  But, if you are a proven veteran you can charge more because you are offering your years of experience along with your actual skill level.  The truth is all of this is subjective and you always want to be fare to your clients as well as yourself.  Unfortunately, until you figure out what works for you, it is a bit of a trial and error approach.  But here is a great article to give you some direction.  Not any defined pricing structure but is a great formula for a place to start.  Your prices may vary according to location as well.  So, take into consideration your skill level, location, experience and size of the company you are working with before you put your pricing structure together.