Back Door Designs is the brain child of New Jersey born designer, Stephen Jones.

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“My belief has always been that exceptional design layout creates real opportunities and more excitement surrounding your project.  Great design allows wondering eyes to instantly connect to your vision. Locking them in for that brief moment in time allows us to ensure the growth, recognition and, ultimately the success of your brand.

Helping others to recognize your great ideas or vision is always an honor that I don’t take lightly.  I love working with companies that inspire me and are passionate about what they do.  My clients understand the value of presenting their brand in the right way and respect the fact that sub-par designs just won’t do.

I believe that great design layouts speak for themselves and that great artists can function in any medium. I create fully custom one off lettering designs and I am passionate about beautiful layouts and lettering styles.  I like all of my projects to have a clean, well executed and cohesive finish so that your project feels vibrant, positive, strong and confident.”

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