What Type Of Logo Do You Need?


Many business owners aren’t sure what is meant when asked the question, “What type of logo do you need?”  This is a relatively common question for a graphic designer to ask and simply means what kind of logo are you looking for.  Meaning, iconic symbol, logotype or combination of both.  The purpose of any logo is to be instantly recognizable to your audience.  But the difference between these are that an iconic symbol does not include any text (Nike swoosh, McDonalds Golden Arches).  Most iconic logos are accompanied by some form of text, or tag line, to make sure customers get the company’s message.

Logotypes are just as they sound, logos created using just type, or typography (Facebook, Coke).  These logotypes are often created specifically for the company or organization.  Standard font styles are manipulated or outright created from scratch to coincide with the look and feel of the company’s vision.  Hand written letters fall into this category as well.  These letter forms stem from traditional calligraphy and hand painted signage.  True artistry is involved in creating a unique form that is readable as well as intricate and beautiful to look at.   In today’s marketplace logotypes are becoming increasingly more popular as they can be minimalistic and to the point.

Most often it is a combination of the two of these.  Corporate logos today require intricacy as well as simplicity in order to be both instantly recognizable and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.  Creating iconic logos that stand the test of time is more complicated than one might think.  Our clients are always surprised by exactly how much time and effort goes into creating the correct look and feel for their logo.  We are always happy to work through the creative process with clients and keep them heavily involved in the decision making process.  If you are getting started, or already have an organization, and are in need of a timeless logo that will grab the attention of your target market, give us a call.  Always happy to meet and evaluate new potential clients, we can help you decide which type of logo is best for you.  Or, determine if you even need a new logo.   We are always very excited to create new corporate identities or refresh old ones.